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Re: [school-discuss] killer apps, ISO files and introduction

Matt Tech wrote:

> The reason why I am doing this is for fun.

Hi Matt,

I appreciate that you're doing it for your own enjoyment. However, if
you truly want your work to be useful to others you have to consider
the needs of your potential audience. Otherwise, what's the point --
or the fun -- in producing something that nobody finds useful?

> I have dumped the idea of a DVD ISO in favor of a CD with a repository.

If you're doing a repository then you don't even need to distribute a
CD -- just tell us what distro (and what version of it) you use as a
base, as well as instructions to allow people to find your repository.
Then people can make up their own minds on a package-by-package basis
if your contributions are worthwhile for their consideration.

It also helps to know whether you've taken any measures to make your
applications portable -- that is, if the're RPM format can they be
installed on Mandriva, SuSE and Fedora?

- Evan