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Re: [school-discuss] killer apps, ISO files and introduction

Bill Fitzgerald wrote:
> Toward that end, I'd strongly recommend taking a look at what can be
> done in Drupal. We work with a variety of open source apps, including
> Moodle and Drupal, and the flexibility of Drupal makes it an ideal
> platform on which to to build.
Already there. I've been working with Drupal since early V4, have
attended Toronto's first two Drupalcons and been a subscriber to the
Drupal consultant mailing list for years. My drupal.org ID is "el56". I
consider it simultaneously one of the most powerful and most frustrating
pieces of software I've ever used.


Based on what I understand so far, I consider Moodle and Drupal
complementary. I'd never suggest Drupal itself as a courseware authoring
tool, in fact I would consider it less suited than even a decent wiki
package. Having said that, I intend to use Drupal to perform all of the
surrounding infrastructure tasks. I haven't yet looked at what kind of
modules may exist to perform any useful glue between the two packages,
but I see that some exist (still in development status for Drupal 6).

> Of course, I am biased, given that I just wrote a book on using Drupal
> in Education :)
I know... my order for it is in process. :-)

- Evan