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Re: [school-discuss] edu publishing tool

Michael Shigorin wrote:
On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 12:03:18AM +0000, Garry Saddington wrote:
- the technology should be free, with easy startup
and low time requested for maintenance
Have a look at Plone. (www.plone.org)
Are you kidding?
No I am not kidding, why are you questioning an honest offer of help

I think it _is_ honest but still inadequate proposal.

Been using Zope since 2002 without hitting this supposed wall!!
have you the experience to make your sweepingly inaccurate

I've hosted it since ca. 2003 and have seen it being
forward-ported.  Glad you didn't have to hit that particular
wall but could relax and wait until others have done it.

It is the propagation of such inaccurate rubbish

Garry, don't get me wrong: Plone is fine piece of software given
proper amount of attention to it.  Said TYPO3 is another _fine_
but _inadequate_ tool for the job as well.  Like J2EE frameworks.

I've mastered a few products of comparable scale, and I do insist
that your proposal is like offering an address of an airport in
reply to a question, "where can I buy some wine" -- honestly
meaning that there's a duty free shop somewhere there.

But when you need wine and not a travel, you're not willing to
pay for the flight just to get lower prices for what you really
need.  And mastering *complex* frameworks usually is just too
expensive for solving *simple* tasks.

Not everything needs to scale that much, to put it simply.

relegating Zope to the 'too difficult' status.

But it *is* difficult.  You would lie if you would downplay that.
And it is *too* difficult for a personal site *unless* one didn't
master it already for whatever other reasons.

Sorry for overreacting and making you take that as a personal
attack, I didn't intend to.  Please accept my apologies.

Apologies accepted and I wish you well with the Linux.kiev project. My wife is from Borispol and I know the problems you may be experiencing getting Linux uptake there - ie. massive MS software piracy.
Kind Regards