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[school-discuss] alternative software table

When I mentioned Schoolforge's extensive Open Source software listing
to an educational colleague, he said one thing he'd like to see is a
concise list that makes it easy to look up Open Source software that
can replace common commercial educational applications.  The
SchoolForge site has lots of great information, but doesn't lend
itself to accessing that type of use too quickly.  So, I thought I'd
create a summary list on the wiki with links back to the relevant Open
Source programs in our Schoolforge software list.  The wiki page is
It's by no means comprehensive, so if there's a popular educational
application or program that you think should be added, please let me
know or feel free to add it.  I'm also not 100% crazy about the
particular table format I'm using (although I'd like to see this
information in some type of table), so suggestions for improvements
appreciated.  Thanks.

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