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[school-discuss] Helping Newbies Find Open Source Programming Tools

Programmer Dale Gulledge has followed-up his article on where to find 
tutorials on open source programming languages (C, perl, php, etc) with a new 
article on "Free Programming Tools Tutorials" -- that is, once you have an 
idea and you know what open source language you want to use, what open source 
tools will you use and where can you find them? That's the subject of his 
article this month at 
http://opensourceschools.org/article.php?story=20020131234519608 on Open 
Source Schools. 

Dale's helping us to build up a set of articles answering questions for open 
source newcomers. Please have a read, comment and recommend his work to 

Best wishes,

David Bucknell
Open Source Schools; International Education Daily

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