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[school-discuss] Call for documentation for K12LTSP2.0

Hello Folks,

We're planning on releasing K12LTSP2.0 in one week. I'm working hard to 
bring the documentation on the k12ltsp.org site up to speed.

I've posted a call for suggestions and a plea for help at k12os.org. If 
there are subjects you want included you can send me mail or even 
download a template and help us out by writing it yourself.

Look for some major changes to both the K12LTSP and K12LINUX lists and 
web sites as well. We want to consolidate the K12Linux lists as the 
newest version of K12LTSP will have options for terminal server, 
workstation or simple server. There will be one list to deal with all 
K12Linux distribution support issues.

We're also working on the K12Linux.org site. If you'd like to work on 
updating or adding to: http://k12linux.org/server.html
let me know or use one of the other pages as a template and have at it:
Example for template use: http://k12linux.org/build.html

It would be great to have some mini-howto's for things like setting up 
an AUC site for schools. Here's your chance to make sure your favorite 
software package gets a spot on the K12linux.org site!

K12os.org for discussion and news
K12linux.org for linux school server stuff
K12ltsp.org for terminal server related stuff

We've talked about ways to achieve world domination for OpenSource... 
:-^) But what we really need to do is what OpenSourceSoftware lets us do 
best, create better software and support.

K12LTSP is successful because it's built on the work of so many generous 
people just like you. Join the project and help us make it even better.

;-) Paul

PS, if you wan to be the first kid on the block with a new K12LTSP2.0 
CD-Rom set then offer to mirror the distribution. Contact me and I'll 
make sure you get access to the *.iso's and get linked to the download page.
Paul Nelson................... pnelson@riverdale.k12.or.us
Riverdale School, 11733 SW Breyman Ave, Portland, OR 97219
school (503)636-4511.....................fax (503)635-6342
Riverdale Web Page......... http://www.riverdale.k12.or.us