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Re: [school-discuss] draft of Feb press release


General Education Online experienced traffic growth of over 200% during
January 2002, as compared to January 2001.


At 09:24 AM 01/31/2002 +0700, you wrote:
>Dear Schoolforge Members,
>In anticipation of the next monthly press release, I have written a very 
>rough draft. I would appreciate receiving:
>*more news
>*specific wording suggestions
>*focus suggestions
>If someone would pen a one or two sentence summary of the current list 
>conversation's purpose, I would use it instead of mine ;-).
>I would also like to begin lining up:
>*those willing to translate and
>*those willing to post
>Deadline is February 10th.
>Thank you,
>David Bucknell
>[http://schoolforg.net February, 2002]
>SchoolForge, a coalition of organizations supporting free and open resources 
>in education has nearly fifty members (47).
>*Coalition Grows; Begins Work on Open Standard for Educational Resources
>In January, SchoolForge coalition members grew in number to 47 organizations 
>from eighteen countries dedicated to fostering free and open resources in 
>education, and began working on a set of open standards for the development 
>of software and content for education. Called EduML, the standard was 
>actually begun some time ago, but is now being revised in earnest. Those 
>interested in collaborating on this effort are invited to join the 
>schoolforge-discuss@schoolforge.net mailing list a form for which is 
>available at http://schoolforge.net/sfdiscuss.php. 
>The schoolforge.net site has a full description of the purposes and 
>operational methods of the coalition as well as a form to be completed by 
>those interested in joining. News, software and curricular resources from 
>members are available, as well as a full list of members and their 
>descriptions. Members of the press or organizations wishing 
>to learn more should contact info@schoolforge.net.
>*BlueEdu Linux, a complete Linux installation for schools, releases version 
>*k12LTSP, the Linux Terminal Server Project for education, tests 2.0
>*MimerDesk 1.5 Released
>These groups joined us in January of 2002:
>Open Schooling [UK]: The Open Schooling project has the goal of providing 
>FDL'd curriculum that meets the standards set out by each country, state, 
>province, etc. Printable versions will be made available for schools and 
>publishers to make books. (http://openschooling.org)
>Northwest Educational Service District 189 [US]: NESD 189 is a regional k-12 
>service center for regional districts in [ where? ], and which also develops 
>Web-based tools for education using GNU tools. (http://www.esd189.org)
>TEFL China Teahouse [China]: Purpose is to learn how to do for teachers 
>through an open resource teaching materials movement what IT professionals 
>have done for themselves through the Open Source Software movement. 
>Lone Jack C-6 Schools [US]: Public k-12 Institution using Linux as its 
>primary server operating system and for terminals in labs and classrooms. 
>GnuSkole [Denmark]: Goal is to promote the use of open source software in
>Danish primary school system by publishing documentation, finding and 
>translating educational software, and holding a discussion forum for
>and system administrators at schools. [http://www.gnuskole.dk]
>Goa Schools Computers Porject [India]: Equipping schools in Goa with
>labs. (http://www.goasudharop.org/gscp)
>Linuxlab.org.za [South Africa]: Open source schools advocacy group in South 
>Africa. (http://linuxlab.org.za)
>Globewide Network Academy [US]: Collects information about distance learning 
>from various sources and publishes an open source database. 
>Regional Institute for Scholastic Excellence [US]: A group of secondary 
>alternative schools, funded by the State of Illinois, to provide 
>"standards-based" curricula, learning and behavior modification for students 
>released from their "home" schools until they are ready to return to
>their high school education programs.
>ENMAC Linux User Group [Mexico]: Promotes the use of Linux for Mexican 
>educational environments.  (http://enmac.seul.org)
>Greek Research and Technology Network [Greece]: Provides advanced Internet 
>services to the Greek Academic and Research Community. (http://www.grnet.gr)
>Schoolforge Member (projects) are located in these (18) countries so far:
>US, Belize, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Finland, Australia, Denmark, India, 
>Greece, France, Norway, Turkey, Singapore, South Africa, UK, Canada, China
>TRANSLATIONS of this announcement are available on http://schoolforge.net.
>Copyright schoolforge.net, February 2002. Permission to repost with 
>attribution to schoolforge.net is granted.