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Re: [school-discuss] Creating the "Killer App"

> Starts have been made by numbers of people, a number of whom are on
> this list
> and whom you might want to contact. 

Sounds Good. Anyone here?

> That said, your own project sounds pretty cool. 


> I have suggested recently that a number of projects are quite close.
> Schoolmation, for example, just needs a bulletin board to make it a
> must-have in
> my opinion. MimerDesk is far along, too. But none of them interfaces
> with the
> common grade books yet, or financial databases or library (as in books)
> databases. The really cool thing would be for the coders of these apps
> to get
> together with knowledgeable school teachers and students like you and
> pool their
> efforts. Personally, I think the way forward is in a module-approach,
> based on a
> common standard. That's why I like the sound of the recent talk on this
> list of
> EduML. I'm told it may be more than we need to get starte, though.
> I for one would encourage the formation of a workgroup to develop an
> idea of the
> super app you describe and prototype it.  It could, at the very least,
> play the
> role of example-app that the W3.org's Amyaya plays in desktop Web page
> building.
> David

Yes, that is it!  A workgroup sounds exactly what we need at this point, 
gather up _all_ of those interested so we can all focus on one project!
(or at least devide the project into modules that all work together).