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Re: [school-discuss] Creating the "Killer App"

On Fri, 2002-02-08 at 05:54, chip wrote:
> Yes, that is it!  A workgroup sounds exactly what we need at this point, 
> gather up _all_ of those interested so we can all focus on one project!
> (or at least devide the project into modules that all work together).


	I know people around this list are not Java adepts. It seems that a
great number of projects are made in PHP or Perl. But, as I've tried to
work on an administrative plateform for my school, I would be most happy
to share ideas with that working group.
	If you are interested in the work already done, you may find some
information here : http://mainline.essi.fr/wiki/bin/view/Eis/
	Maybe the DB schema and the work done on the XML representation of data
are of interest to those that will begin that working group.