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Re: [school-discuss] "Killer App" and Eduml Report

Doug Bank wrote:

>"The design of the project was pedagogically driven, rather than being simply
>feature driven. We wanted to create a project that captured our teaching
>philosophy, rather than adapting our style to some course system. (It is also
>open source (or free) software, something that we feel strongly about.)"

deep stuff:  Thanks Doug.  I really like the concept and philosophy of Interactive

>"You can actually read a short paper ("Interactive Gradebook: The Missing
>(Hyper)Link") on one aspect of the project at

Dom wrote:

>"If you are interested in the work already done, you may find some
>information here : http://mainline.essi.fr/wiki/bin/view/Eis/
>Maybe the DB schema and the work done on the XML
>representation of data
>are of interest to those that will begin that working group."a

Dom, looks like you too have a full XML for education and corresponding SQL
formats.  I put a link to it in exercise 4 of http://knowplace.ca/schoolforge

Latest Report on Eduml Interoparibility Exercises

- some work into making a nicer, more useful website

- Ex.2: Steve's Collation script now take a list of participating URLs
from exercise 1 (so far, 5 URLs and the promise of 2 more)
and cache the results so that it renders faster.

- Ex.5 Steve jumps the gun and collates the Dublin Core based Learning
Objects (of which we have 3 URLs fromm 2 people)

- Ex.4 we have gathered resources for informing a decision about which
XML standard to use or to modify from

- It is not as flashy as dreaming up "Killer Apps", but ultimately we keep
reminding ourselves that we will be able to use the various open source and
commercial Killer Apps (forced on us) thanks to a commonly agreed XML standard.