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[school-discuss] Alternative to MS Office

lÝrdag 09 februar 2002, 17:19, skrev Nobody:
>  Does anybody have experience with highly respected products such as
> Star Office or others, that can replace MS office at low or no cost?

Yes. A lot of schools moving toward using StarOffice i Denmark and
Norway.  The program is under evaluation or in real use as the
preferred office-tool in many schools. Altso a teacher who writes a
best selling learning-book using MS-products in education states that
StarOffice dont lag behind Office at all - and it could be deployed at

The only obstacle is that the user-interface is in English, not
Norwegian. But the word-spelling is i Norwegian, and the schools use
the Danish-translated version for now.

The translation teams working just now on translate the GUI into
Norwegian: <URL: http://www.nynorsk.org/anp/oo.html>

A report from one of the "Linux-schools" in Norway has reported their
experience with StarOffice as an replacement for MS Office <URL:


Knut Yrvin
elected project leader
<URL: http://developer.skolelinux.no/projectinfo.html>
<URL: http://developer.skolelinux.no/index.html.en>