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Re: [school-discuss] Alternative to MS Office

On Sunday 10 February 2002 00:01, Dave Prentice wrote:
> However, I asked the networking chief who was conducting the
> meeting if he had considered Star Office (available on MS as
> well as Linux platforms) as a low- or no-cost alternative. He
> was familiar with it, and said that he was using it as a
> bargaining chip to get MS to lower its licensing price.

Sun may not have got a foot in that door, but they did cost Microsoft some 
dollars. Better luck in the next round.

Start using StarOffice anyway; if your MS licences are paid per-seat, 
``conserve'' seats for the school by installing StarOffice wherever Office 
functionality has not been specifically requested.

That will familiarise the staff and students with it, and also put the wind 
up any visiting MS consultants/salesthings and hopefully at least shave even 
more off the next stupid deal that they do.

Cheers; Leon