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[school-discuss] Teachers TestBank: RTF Format added to testbank formats

>Hi All,
>I've added a RTF (Rich Text Filter) to the previous output formats of PDF
and HTML so that you can download the test into your wordprocessor for
final "tweaking" before printing and student "consumption".
>Please let me know of any problems. It imports cleanly into Word 97, but
is less successful with Wordperfect 8. I would be interested in results
with Star Office, Word Pro, etc.
>The testbank has been moved (hopefully temporarily) to:
>I am also contemplating exporting to the WebCT import format to allow
questions to be moved directly into online courses. Please let me know if
there is any interest in this to help "sway" my decision.
>Les Richardson
>H. Hardcastle School
>Edam, Sk. Canada