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Re: [school-discuss] Costs of software choices & social change

At 06:34 PM 2/9/2002 +0000, Justin-R-Swain wrote:
>The politicians and administrators need to be both
>informed of software alternatives, costs and their fiscal
>responsibilities to the public.

They must also be convinced that there really IS a software 
alternative.  If they perceive only one choice, the higher costs are 
thoughtlessly accepted as inevitable (unfortunately...).

>If the current persons in power do not choose to explore
>and implement less costly but effective software and
>operating systems then work collectively to remove them
>from their positions of power. The process takes
>research, time, money and williness to fight, but the
>rewards can be sweet.

Yes, this is truly the "right" solution, but some interim activity may help 
endure the delay.
How about getting students and faculty and others to switch their own 
systems to these alternatives?  Create a groundswell from a solid base of 
OpenSource, GPL etc users.  Behaviors are quicker to change/be changed than 
attitudes -- don't just tell the politician/administrators, show them!

>Use tables to show compatiblity and cost between
>OpenSource, GPL and lower cost choices to MS products.
>Provide relative cost data from institutions who have
>made the transition from all MS to a mix or total change
>to another OS and or applications. List primary sources
>for your data along with contact data. Create a web
>presentation which includes links to non-MS resources.
>There is no need to copy data which is currently on the
>internet for public access.

Bring them to presentations, school science fairs, open houses, and user 
group/club programs where they can see and touch these (renegade?) systems, 
and find out that if the entire school district allowed such 
configurations, the cost savings could buy that building in a year or two!

Good luck, and be sure to keep me/us informed of your progress!!!

John Munro, Advisor, SECTER
St. Croix Student Computer Club
University of the Virgin Islands