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Re: [school-discuss] Status of Press Release?

I worked with Les to create a general-purpose media database last go-'round, in 
the expectation that various responsible people on the list would be able to 
load a press release into the hopper and open fire with it. So, Les should know 
where the database lives, and how to make it go.

As you may recall, there was a little confusion on our launch release as to who 
was going to "light the fuse" on the press release distribution, a task which I 
shied away from. I'm a writer. I'm happy to help out with the writing and 
editing, with process, and to offer what advice I can on dealing with the media. 
But I'm not an educator, not a programmer, and not a member of any Schoolforge 
affiliate organization, so I really don't feel right about being in an executive 
or spokesman position with Schoolforge, and thus don't want to be the 
responsible party for distributing stuff to the media.


David Bucknell wrote:

> Thanks to Felipe for a nice rendering of the press release. He sent it out to a
> bunch of translators on the 13th. Any progress?
> Also, I asked Doug about the who/what/why/when list and he said to ask Willima.
> Can you share/post a ditribution list or tell us what help you need organizing
> the distribution process, William?
> Seems like we're ready to post it on the site and then begin distribution. As
> Doug said, we should try to contact our local newspapers/LUGS, what have you.  
> If you _do_ make contact with a local press org/person, would you please post to
> the details to the list, so we can add them to the who/what/why?
> Thanks,
> David