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Re: [school-discuss] [Fwd: Which way to go?]


I need to put in some clarification. Here are the main things I am 
looking for...

1. a repository for open source applications useful to education
2. open content learning objects available to the general public
3. a community of like minded individuals (which i seem to have found at 
least in part !)

For the projects that I work on now I am trying to stick to making them 
open source / content. Since accepting my position in a K-12 school 
district I have seen that an open nature to projects has an unexpected 
benefit which is to foster teacher and parent communication in positive 
ways. With open content parents are allowed more access to what their 
children are learning. Parents have learned of specific projects and 
contributed materials, time, and criticism. Also, past students who are 
learning web technologies in college come back (virtually) to assist in 
open projects / content.

I am very pleased to have found this group and I read each posting 

thank you,

On Saturday, February 16, 2002, at 06:53 PM, Bruno Vernier wrote:

>> Joshua Walton wrote:
>> What is the best resource for us to trade open source projects with 
>> other school districts.
> Hello Joshua,
> About the interesting phrase "trade open source projects",  do you mean:
> - "release 'open content'  learning objects" ? in a publicly available
> repository? (as is rarely seen today, but which I favor)
> or in a participating-members-only repository? (as is usually the case)
> - "release an open source program useful for education" ? (in the 
> classic
> way, which is a major activity here)
> - "participate in a group that pools website-based resources
> to share services; learning objects, (and maybe evern conference 
> moderation,
> and community building)" ?
> Bruno