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[school-discuss] Greetings from UFDA!

Hello, my name is Chris Calise.
I would like to step on my soapbox for a second. I have founded the User Friendly Developers Association (Membership ->1)because of my concern that technology is getting way too complicated. I believe that technology should be accessible to everyone. I have pledged to try my best to make a difference. It is my fervent hope that the open source movement will embrace the principles of UFDA. UFDA is based on the algorithm KISS. In debating the questions about open source in schools, the common thread is that teachers don't have the time, or the trainers to learn and implement a change in desktop OS. And even with the growing simplicity of Linux and LTSP, running open source is still a steeper learning curve than the usual teacher can handle. And if this technology is too difficult for our educators, what about my retired in-laws? They say "Linux is user friendly, it's just particular who its friends are". Maybe it's time for Linux to befriend the world. Let's create easy to use educational software and a  true wired classroom where there are no textbooks, just keyboards and monitors. Open Source Now!
Chris Calise