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Re: [school-discuss] What's in a name?

Ben Armstrong wrote:

> I have a naming problem.
> I'm revising Debian Jr. documentation and the web site, and in doing so
> I realize that we don't really have a good name for the people who help
> children with their computers.  It struck me that this isn't a problem
> specific to our project, which is why I'm turning to the members of this
> list.
> [...]
> Here is our list of "keepers".  I will not list the ones we rejected, as
> they are too numerous.  I'll deal with my specific objections to those
> if any of you chances to come up with one of them.
>         advocate
>         agent
>         aide
>         guardian
>         helper
>         pathfinder
>         patron
>         sponsor

My first thought is that the term "guide" is exactly what you're looking for.
To me it connotes someone who has been through the process before and knows what
to look for.  It also suggests that the person being guided (the child in this
case) is actually the one calling the shots, as guides aren't generally leaders
but subordinates.

Other than that "mentor" comes to mind, but that may be too authoritatian and
pedagogical for your needs.  All in all, I like guide.

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