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Re: [school-discuss] Survey (Completely voluntary)

I could fill out the survey if you still need some more responses.
Best regards,
Jeff Nelson

On Thursday 21 February 2002 02:33, you wrote:
 > Hello everyone,
 > I'm sending this message to schoolforge-discuss and SEUL/Edu, so I
 > apologise to those of you who will receive this message twice
 > I am a senior student in Tasmania, Australia.  As part of my 
course (the
 > International Baccalaureate), I am currently working on a 
research essay.
 > My topic is educational free software (aka OSS) in schools.
 > As part of my investigation, I have decided to organise a 
survey to give me
 > some concrete information on certain issues that I feel need 
some different
 > views on.
 > I have told several people of this individually, but since 
that was quite a
 > while ago, I am asking anyone who has a little time to fill in 
my survey,
 > which I will send when I receive a few responses.  If you can 
complete the
 > survey, I would appreciate a prompt reply.  Although there is 
some time
 > before the essay is due, I am currently extremely busy and 
would need to
 > get things out of the way before other things come along.
 > Thanks everyone!
 > Daniel Carter

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