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[school-discuss] A product similar to Hot Potato

There is a reasonably good product called Hot Potato from UVic in 
Canada that helps teachers do assessments, grading etc.  They do
not have a Linux version and the company that now manages the
product, Half-Baked Software (www.halfbakedsoftware.com) is not
convinced that a Linux version will sell.  Their model currently
is to make the software free in return for the assessments created
being placed on the web for all.

I did contact their head honcho and his comment is that the Linux
community only wants things for free and will not pay for anything.
I hope to have convinced him that the community will pay so long
as the product delivers what it promises and the data/file formats
are kept open.

I think the Hot Potato product is interesting for SchooForge members
to look at and perhaps bringing to the Linux community.