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Re: [school-discuss] A product similar to Hot Potato

Hi Harry,

Re Hot Potatoes, I too have talked with those guys and received an 
interesting reply about how much money they _don't_ make. I actually posted 
it -- the reply -- to the schoolforge-core list when the list was new.

It's a great product and Steve Narmontas makes use of it for Manhattan -- 
still, it would be nice to have something GPL'ed or at least with a more open 
license.  However, they have made the code available and I think Steve's made 
use of it for adaptations of his system.

Duck is an msql alternative.  But Hot Potatoes does slick javascript for the 
teacher and it can be exported to a Web page.  Hard to beat.


On Saturday 23 February 2002 12:03, you wrote:

> There is a reasonably good product called Hot Potato from UVic in
> Canada that helps teachers do assessments, grading etc.  They do
> not have a Linux version and the company that now manages the
> product, Half-Baked Software (www.halfbakedsoftware.com) is not
> convinced that a Linux version will sell.  Their model currently
> is to make the software free in return for the assessments created
> being placed on the web for all.
> I did contact their head honcho and his comment is that the Linux
> community only wants things for free and will not pay for anything.
> I hope to have convinced him that the community will pay so long
> as the product delivers what it promises and the data/file formats
> are kept open.
> I think the Hot Potato product is interesting for SchooForge members
> to look at and perhaps bringing to the Linux community.
> Comments?
> Harish