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[school-discuss] Open Source Schoolhouse




This is a request for comment. I would like to propose a project to School Forge but would appreciate some input.  I see a need for a graphical program for teachers that would allow them to create curriculum to be used for computer based learning in an easy manner.


This software would allow them to create the “E-textbooks” that could be used in a wired school. This program would allow them to create, edit and format text, add pictures and video, voice-overs, create interactive reviews and tests, and track student progress.


 Is there such a beast out there? If not, I believe this is needed if we are ever going to create that education environment where textbooks are obsolete. With the idea of the Free Curricula License http://www.osef.org/FCL.html , the idea of the open source schoolhouse is one step closer to reality.




Chris Calise