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[school-discuss] Free Curricula License

If you're on multiple mailing lists, then please, forgive us for any 
duplicates of this letter.

This is a request for comment by Christopher Hornbaker and Justin Zeigler on 
their joint effort, the Free Curricula License. The license is a hybrid, it 
contains ideas from the GNU FDL, FreeBSD Documentation License, the Open
Publication License, our selves', and those of countless others.

The primary focus in our design is educators, and how Open Source Ideology 
can be made more accessible for them. While we are looking for comments and 
suggestions from everyone, we are especially interested in input from the
intended users of the license, teachers. The license itself is a work in 
progress. We would like a substantial amount of feedback so that we can have 
a license for curricula and materials that will be compatible with Open 
Source ideals

The Official draft of the Free Curricula License can be found at:

We need a lot of different types of feedback, including; grammar, loop holes, 
clarifications and answers to the following questions: 

Does something need an example? 

Does a part of it not sound right? 

Are you having trouble following it?

Do you feel something is unreasonable?
Is it against the Open Source definition?

Are there any clauses that contradict each other?

Other questions like these would be a great help.