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Re: [school-discuss] Print server suggestions

On Sun, 24 Feb 2002, Doug Loss wrote:

> I'm working on building a network for a local community center using
> older hardware we've acquired from various places.  One of the things I
> need to do is network some old laser printers (Panasonic KX-P4420s). 
> For that I plan to use a cast-off PC as a print server, essentially as a
> great big printer NIC.  The PC I have for the job is a Compaq Prolinea
> Net1/33s.  That's a 486/33 with 16 MB RAM and a ~270 MB HD.

I use LTSP as print servers.  The print server is diskless, boots using a
boot rom, or a floppy disk.  Support for print serving is built in to
LTSP, just need something like this in the lts.conf file for the print
server machine:

        PRINTER_0_DEVICE     = /dev/lp0
        PRINTER_0_TYPE       = p
        PRINTER_0_PORT       = 9100

Then on the server, set up cups or lprng to print using ltspfilter as an
input filter:

if=ltspfilter 9100