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Re: [school-discuss] Print server suggestions

On 24 Feb 2002 at 16:51, Doug Loss wrote:
No problem,
 > I'll download the source and compile.  Whoops, no development 
tools on
 > TINY.  No problem, I'll go to Slackware and download the "d" 
 > package and install it.  Whoops, that takes more space than I have
 > available.

OK, why not compile on another computer, and just copy the binary(s)
to the print server?

This is what I do on a couple of P-90's I have (running Slack).
Seems to work well for me.

On 24 Feb 2002 at 15:03, Harry McGregor wrote:
 > Ok, I probably would NOT put a spooling print server on it, with
 > that amount of disk space.

270 MB?  Depends on how much you have left over.  I haven't ever 
a print job that was more than a couple of MB (OK, except for some
large color postscripts, but that isn't a concern here).

As to the merits of CUPS vs. LPRng, I have to plead ignorance.  :-)

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