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[school-discuss] EduML

Where I'm at. I've managed to export a "build"
from my current SIMS (Osiris to those outside
of NC.(?)) from each school. Now looking for a
*standard* XML DTD for storing the info.
Any leads or ideas?

I've downloaded opensif and as soon as I get
my firewall reconfigured at home  I'll open it up.
I am also looking to tie this in with openaces or
.LRN whenever it becomes available. Using
postgreSQL and tcl. My "sand box" has
openacs 3.5, unless I blow it up again.

BTW while looking at XML specs, we
managed to create a perl script that will
take the output from our SIMS(osiris) data
builds and create an input file to import users
through webmin. It generates unique logins
for each student in the district I know it will
work with SIMS in NC but if anyone else would
like to try it on Osiris....