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[school-discuss] A note about my completely voluntary survey

Hello all,

I would still like some more people to take part in my survey on
educational free (aka Open Source) software in schools.  If you can spare a
few moments, please email me directly at dcarter@friends.tas.edu.au - there
is no need to use the list bandwidth - and I will explain what I'm doing in
more detail.

Also, for those of you who have not yet taken part, I would like to make it
clear that Question Two is not concerned with closed-source operating
systems.  If Windows 98 is the most commonly use operating system in your
school or region, and you have a linux server and twenty NetBSD
workstations, then 'NetBSD' is the answer I want.  If your school only has
proprietary software, just leave the space blank.

Thanks everyone,
Daniel carter
The Friends' School, Tasmania, Australia.