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[school-discuss] etc broadcast 02-01-2003 -- Don Quixote, Edgar Rice Burroughs, the Solar System, Berlioz and Messiaen

02-01-2003 etc... broadcast

All programs start at 8 a.m. US Central time Monday to Friday.
Special Programs on Saturday and Sunday at 12 noon and 8 p. m. U.S. Central 
Complete readings of Gutenberg texts.

Channel 1:

Don Quixote.
Symphonie Fantastique.

One of the most popular stories of all time, and the music that launched 
Romantic Music.

Channel 2 : 

Introduction to the Solar System, an overview [original notes on a NASA 
text].ISBN 0-12-226805-9.
Messiaen Turangalila Symphony, (1946-1948) DGG 431 781-2 Recorded 1991.

Pronounced "tour-ahn-gu-lee-lah", was first performed by Leonard Berstein and 
the Boston Philharmonic in December 1949.  
It is Sanskrit.  lila means "playing of the universe".    "Turanga" is the 
passing of time.  
This is the sound of the rythmns of the life cycle.

Three rythmic sensibilities persist, the unchanging, the augmented and the 
diminished.  These rythmns sound exactly the 
same played beginning to end, and also played backwards.  No mater which end 
you stand at, the juorney to the other end 
of the lyric is the same ....

This is a giant orchestra, and they behave something like characters in a 

Channel 3: 

Edgar Rice Burroughs :
At the Earth's Core - 

Our seats, into which we strapped ourselves, were so arranged
upon transverse bars that we would be upright whether
the craft were ploughing her way downward into the bowels
of the earth, or running horizontally along some great
seam of coal, or rising vertically toward the surface again.

The Chessmen of Mars - 

Wait!   said the girl inn low, even tone.  Perhaps you know not
what you do. Sacred to the people of Helium are the persons of
the women of Helium. For the honor of the humblest of them would
the great jeddak himself unsheathe his sword. The greatest
nations of Barsoom have trembled to the thunders of war in
defense of the person of Dejah Thoris,  my mother. We are but
mortal and so may die;  but we may not be defiled. You may play at
jetan for a princess of Helium,  but though you may win the match,
never may you claim the reward.  If thou wouldst possess a dead
body press me too far,  but know, man of Manator, that the blood
of The Warlord flows not inn the veins of Tara of Helium for
naught. I have spoken. 

Messiaen : DGG 445 827-2

Chronochromie (1959-1960) harmony is color, and music is colored time.
La Ville d'en (1987) 
Es exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum (1964) Music for high mountains, and 
churches ...

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