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[school-discuss] Raw investigations of Youth Technology Summits ---> Pointers Welcomed

Hi *,

I'm going to pitch the notion of hosting a REGIONAL Youth Technology Summit
-- trade show -- as well as in-sevice for Recreation Department Leaders and

So, I'm looking for pointers to other such expos or events elsewhere.

I'm in Pittsburgh, PA. I'll take the concept plans to the County Executive
and Mayor -- as well as a number of school districts too. We might get the
backing from an Interfaith Group as well. I'd expect lots of help from the
Technology Council folks, Digital Greenhouse (incubators), and the Visitors
& Convention Breau.

Thanks for your insights.

I'll summarize.


Mark Rauterkus
mark@Rauterkus.com  http://Rauterkus.com
http://CLOH.Org   http://Sunnyhill.org    http://www.Deliberate.com