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[school-discuss] More Progress 2

    I forget to mention that I also made it clear that OOo, Linux, and 
open source software in general are practically immune from viruses, 
certainly viruses specifically targeted at Microsoft product, which most 
of them are.

    The Technology Administrator also though that the OpenOffice.org 
suite would be something the district would be interested in 
distributing to its students for installation on their home computers. 
I told her that I had already approached my mgmt with this concept and 
it would be something that I had intended to revisit during the current 
situation.  I told her that I thought it would be good PR for the agency 
to make CDs of OpenOffice.org software available to the school districts 
to distribute to the students and teachers as they saw fit.

    As of today I have available to me a few of the district's older 
computers that I am going to set up as K12LTSP and Windows/Linux OOo 
suite demo

Jim Anderson

"There is no such thing as perfection... only different levels of pain."

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