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[school-discuss] how to configure a production unit for multi-media using RedHat7.3 : hardware and software configuration.


we have configured a small network :

at etc ... offices :

a main server with 2 pentium III 900 mhz processors, 512 Meg of memory, 100 
gig of striped scsi, and 100 gig of raid-5.  access to this server is by ftp 
and ssh.  all other traffic is outbound (icecast).

audio / video workstation :

512 meg memory
1 gig athalon processor
turtlebeach sound card
40 gig ide drive

redhat 7.3

perl, bash, javascript,php,tcl/tk,
the "lost world" package. (due for an update this month)
etc ... proprietary code
etc ... open source code

at isp office :

redhat 7.3
dsi proprietary programs
etc proprietary programs
dsi open source programs
etc open source programs

Yesterday, starting from scratch and downloading from 
http://www.gutenberg.org/ i was able to complete Wuthering Heights and King 
Solomon's Mines, from 11 am to 5 pm.  That's while working on two programming 
projects, e-mails, lunch and all of it ...

my scheduler doesn't allow jobs that cause interrupt conflicts in the audio 
board to run concurrently.  i cut jobs lose, it runs them when it can.

the steps are :

1 - download book, remove gutenberg header to seperate file. (retain copyright 
notice as a preface with any preface). copyright must be retained in all 
final products.  they are gutenberg copyrights to prevent resale, nothing 
more.  the come right out of the gutenberg book you download.
2 - correct misinterpertations i.e. in means in not inches for example.
3 - insert timing and meter.
4 - break into chapters.
5 - synth to audio signal from text
6 - convert to .wav
7 - decompress and contour frequency
8 - add reverb
9 - sync to html slide show
10 - package bootable reader
11 - package broadcast files
12 - dvd packaging (vcd)
13 - web site packaging
14 - announcement, artwork and documents.

now all materials are ready to use the book.

mike eschman, etc ...
(http://www.etc-edu.com ) Not just an afterthought ...