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Re: [school-discuss] On music making software: A voice of dissent or reason?


if you can get the midi files to me, i can convert them to .mp3, then collect  
onto a CD.

if we also make a standard audio cd (.wav tracks), then ayone with a boombox 
is in business. [and they can make cassettes and pass it on]

gutenberg would probably be interested in the more universal, non-computer 
exclusive audio formats.  that would give you a universal means of 
distribution to anyone with an internet connection.

what do you think?

mike eschman, etc ...

On Monday 10 February 2003 11:11 pm, David Bucknell wrote:
. Quote and unquote from a friend: Please comment if you know of alternatives
 and . use them:
. "Since Windows PC's have the wide user base it's natural the free music
. programs abound there. The hard choice for newbies is knowing what works
. best. The safest operating system for Midi is Win98 since W2K and XP may
. need some fairly intricate compatibility mode settings. And Macs running
. Windows emulation modes are non-starters for multimedia, I guess it's the
. same story with Lindows etc. Since few people are going to learn to use
 more . than one application they often stick with the one that gets bundled
 with . the sound card. In the USA Cakewalk still has the widest market
 though it's . an ageing program (it certainly put white hairs on my head).
 Since I . discovered the free version of Logic Fun I've concentrated on
 making that . the school's 'official' sequencer, and Vanbasco the midi file
 player because . the latter has the better real-time control. Lots of kids
 now use the system . from home so I can post files on the web for them to
 access or download. . [URL deleted] is the nearly-ready songset for Vanbasco
 I'll be
. using for the fourth grade musical - some of the ASCII characters need
. find/replace in Karakan, an excellent application for making karaoke files.
. But you'll get a good idea of what karaoke can do in school.
. http://www.geocities.com/takawadanl/
. For a preschool situation you can sequence songs like the Alphabet (tune of
. Twinkle) or Bingo. One day I'll get around to putting them all together as
 a . karaoke songbook. ....[deleted section on where to find his personal
 music files] .
. That's why I have some personal resistance to an all-linux solution.
. Likewise Mac is fine for industry standard work but just lacks the
. soundblaster generation of kids who grew up writing stuff themselves (in
. cleaner code than Microsoft I should add). I don't know of anything both
. serious and free for Linux that does multi-media (though in March I'll be
. listening out!).

(http://www.etc-edu.com ) Not just an afterthought ...