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[school-discuss] LCC Open Source Educational Group

The Lane Community College (Eugene, Oregon) Open Source Educational Group is
proud to announce the launch of our website www.opensourced.org .

 We have grown to 47 members and we hope to recruit more when we launch our
LTSP demo with an event enhanced with great door prizes generously
contributed by Redhat and Active State. We have also been involved in our
community, helping to set up an LTSP network in a local middle school, and
working to set up a OS computer lab at a local HS.

Our goal is to recruit other educational institutions to form a network of
Open Source education advocates in the hopes of building a national presence
on all college campuses. Please pass this on to any college/university
groups you know about. We believe there is a power in networking!

Our site is is geared to providing educators and other students  with links,
resources, and information about the benefits of Open Source for education.

The site features cases studies about schools who have implemented OS and
white papers on "Why Open Source" and LTSP projects.

Check us out!

Chris Calise