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[school-discuss] [Fwd: [learning-technology] Learning Technology newsletter - January2004]

There's an article here on FOSS in edu. I was hoping to see schoolforge mentioned. sigh..

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Subject: [learning-technology] Learning Technology newsletter - January 2004
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 22:48:15 +1300
From: Kinshuk <kinshuk@massey.ac.nz>
To: <learning-technology@ieee.org>

Dear colleagues

The January 2004 issue of Learning Technology newsletter is now available at:


Please find the content list below.

** Learning Technology **

Volume 6 Issue 1 (ISSN 1438-0625)
Publication of IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology (TCLT)
Available at: http://lttf.ieee.org/learn_tech/

* From the editor

* 4th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies

* Guest Editorial

* A Framework Based on Web Services Composition for the Adaptability of Complex and Dynamic Learning Processes

* Adopting and Adapting Enterprise Technologies for Use in Education

* Learning object repositories as contract-based Web services

* Using web services to extend an application to meet new requirements

* Using Web Services to Enhance Efficiency, Maintainability, and Error Handling Across Multiple Instances
of Online Collaborative Communities

* ONES – One Stop e-Learning Portal

* Free-Open Source Learning Community and Web-Based Technologies

* If Content is King, Context is God! Secondary Usage Metadata & Resources in Supporting Web Services
for Learning Communities

* Constructing Context-Based E-Learning to Support Telehomecare Communities of Practice

* Evolving a Community for Evolving Learners

* Learning Teams in Online Courses

* Multiplayer Games and Learning Communities

* Symbolic Interactions in a Virtual Learning Community: Understanding the Creation of Shared Meanings
in a Mediated Environment

* Developing an On-Line Learning Community: Four Essential Guidelines

* Regular Article: DVD – A new component in educational technology


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