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Re: [school-discuss] Using Manhattan Server

At the end last year I found out about the Manhattan Server (virtual classroom program). It is now up and running, and our teachers are very excited about its potential. My two questions are:

1. If anyone is using the Manhattan Server, how best have you utilised it? ie. Had an off-site quest lecturer take a subject
Not exactly what your asking, but there's a new release due out in a week or so which will have the settings in place to allow for virtually any CGI application already written to be used in Manhattan as a class module. Just something to keep in mind, in case you find something *sooo* cool on CPAN that you just have to use it in your class ;)

2. Is there anyone out there who would be interested in doing a combined virtual class with some of our students. My principal would like me to do a trial with one of our older classes before we introduce it to the whole school. My first thought are to do a culture unit (the differences between our society and yours) even if it was mainly an email/discussion group, but I am open to suggestions.
I've forwarded your message to a interested party. He will contact you shortly about this.

Thanks for your time (and again sorry if this is not the right forum).
There is a manhattan-users list (manhattan.sf.net has a link somewhere, I think), although it gets very little traffic. This is as good a place as any.

Ian https://www.ipaterson.ca