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Re: [school-discuss] Using Manhattan Server

jeff williams wrote:

Speaking of using Manhattan... I recall one post saying a maintenance release is coming which will allow the use of CGI scripts. I'm very interested in this because, running Linux, it doesn't look like I can run a non-beta of Hot Potatos. And, I really don't want to put test questions on the network without the context of the course. Hence, I'm looking at a "roll your own" CGI script for handling tests using the ubiquitous Perl and MySQL.

Or, is there a quick and dirty way to link this into Manhattan even now?
Well, you could edit your src/main_menu.c and add a link to your test, but then you'd be dealing with authentication issues. Or rather, you wouldn't, which is the real problem.

The next Manhattan release will include all the gritty details to allow you to use outside CGI scripts, but the interface to do it with isn't included yet, as it's still in alpha. If you want to play around with it, grab the files and give 'er a whirl.


Feel free to mail me offlist if you have any questions about getting it to work.

Ian Paterson https://www.ipaterson.ca