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Re: [school-discuss] School web site CMS choices

Le Sun, Feb 15, 2004 at 07:47:57PM -0500, Randy Edwards a écrit :
>    I wanted to see if I could tap the knowledge of the list here on the 
> topic of school web sites.
>    When I say "school web site", I'm not talking about online classes (e.g. 
> Moodle, Claroline, Manhattan, etc.) -- just the regular "informational" 
> portions of a school web site (i.e. main page, events calendar, lunch 
> menus, school board minutes, contact lists, etc.).
>    In the past, I've used PostNuke (PN) <http://www.postnuke.com> and 
> various PN modules for school web sites.  This let me use a bunch of nifty 
> features (PN has a slick calendar module that's really neat) and gain the 
> flexibility of a CMS.
>    Lately I've been thinking that Zope's <http://www.zope.org> Plone 
> <http://plone.org> CMS might be better suited.  Is anyone use Zope/Plone on 
> their school web site?

I am starting to do so.

Have a look at zwook too. It is made on Zope but ahs apparently the simplicty of 
Postnuke and its flexibility. It allows, as plone, to create a full collaborative
web site without any technical knowledge
>    The advantage I see in Zope/Plone is Zope's user flexibility.  Being 
> able to mindlessly segregate portions of the web site so that various 
> secretaries can directly upload things to only that portion is quite 
> powerful, and aids in lessening IT's work.  Sure, such things can be done 
> via .htaccess and other methods, but Zope/Plone seem a powerful combination.

>    The downside I see in Zope/Plone is that it doesn't have the richness of 
> modules that PostNuke has and it pushes one towards the "all Zope" model on 
> the web server.  Again, anyone using Zope/Plone?

yes, with much pleasure
>    Also, any new free software toys/tools out there that I should be 
> looking at?

plone rocks, but zwook may be interesting


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