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[school-discuss] School web site CMS choices

I wanted to see if I could tap the knowledge of the list here on the topic of school web sites.

When I say "school web site", I'm not talking about online classes (e.g. Moodle, Claroline, Manhattan, etc.) -- just the regular "informational" portions of a school web site (i.e. main page, events calendar, lunch menus, school board minutes, contact lists, etc.).

In the past, I've used PostNuke (PN) <http://www.postnuke.com> and various PN modules for school web sites. This let me use a bunch of nifty features (PN has a slick calendar module that's really neat) and gain the flexibility of a CMS.

Lately I've been thinking that Zope's <http://www.zope.org> Plone <http://plone.org> CMS might be better suited. Is anyone use Zope/Plone on their school web site?

The advantage I see in Zope/Plone is Zope's user flexibility. Being able to mindlessly segregate portions of the web site so that various secretaries can directly upload things to only that portion is quite powerful, and aids in lessening IT's work. Sure, such things can be done via .htaccess and other methods, but Zope/Plone seem a powerful combination.

The downside I see in Zope/Plone is that it doesn't have the richness of modules that PostNuke has and it pushes one towards the "all Zope" model on the web server. Again, anyone using Zope/Plone?

Also, any new free software toys/tools out there that I should be looking at?

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