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Re: [school-discuss] what pieces of software would you demo to K-12teachers ?

Some general-purpose ideas ---

(1) OpenOffice. They should all understand what it is and does, and they see that they don't lose vital functionality

(2) Gimp or some other graphic program. Shown them an interesting tool that they may not have been able to afford.

In some situations, maybe...
(3) Web server. For those who can "get it", a lot of power.

(Of course, also gradebook/class management, or a topic-specific educational program; but I'm not familiar with those.)

-Bob Montante

Tim Mansfield wrote:


If you had just a brief time in which to demo open source software to a
bunch of K-12 teachers...

...(who were new to the whole OS thing, and not necessarily convinced it was
all that great)...

...the point being to wow them with what OS could do for them, so they want
to explore further...

... what pieces of software would you demo? (Again, just briefly, so they
get the gist of what it does & how they'd really benefit.)