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[school-discuss] software to demo = LyX


I just learned about LyX last spring.  I teach 9th grade students at all
academic levels.  We use LyX for writing reports and letters.  When a
student does a report it LyX, it formats it beautifully =  giving it a
cover page, and bibliography page at the end.  It also automatically
puts in the date and numbers the pages.  The other teachers are pleased
to receive reports written in LyX.


>>> robin@bilkent.edu.tr 02/21/04 8:08 AM >>>
Marilyn Hagle wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a K-12 teacher person.
> I have seen OpenOffice, The Gimp, Moziilla, and all of the Knoppix
> flavor CDs mentioned.  I use the former in class and send the CDs home
> with the kids.  They are wonderful.
> I also want to mention LyX - which is such a great writing tool and
> easy to use.

I'm a big LyX fan, but this is the first time I've seen it being used in

a K-12 context rather than in universities (where LaTeX is popular in 
maths and hard sciences).  How do students and teachers react to LyX?


"Caesar non supra grammaticos." - Suetonius

Robin Turner
Bilkent Univeritesi
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