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[school-discuss] Print as Poster


It was fun to watch people on the list get excited about LyX and the
dictionary on the taskbar (I personally love the weather on the taskbar

Now I want to make another pitch for the "Print as Poster" feature in
the K applications = KWord, KGhostview, and Konqueror (might be others
too).  Some of you may have tried it and didn't get it to work.  I find
that it works the best for me when I am using Knoppix.  The Knoppix
people have set it up correctly or something. And, it seems also to like
the Print size and the Media size to both be set to "Letter".

Why is this feature important for education???   Bulletin boards!!!!

Higher education folks might not care much, but elementary & middle
school teachers especially will love it.  You can print JPEGs, PDFs,
text, things you create in the Gimp, save as a JPEG and then open in
Konqueror . . . etc etc etc

We use it as a special project for ninth grade students.  They love
making their own posters.  If you are able to laminate them after you
tape the pages together, they look very professional.  I have printed a
couple of photographs of my children, and you can't tell it is only 4
sheets of paper, unless you closely (with glasses!)