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Re: [school-discuss] software to demo = LyX

On Tue, Feb 24, 2004 at 01:49:13AM +0800, Colin Charles wrote:
> I'm curious to know, where is OpenOffice.org, and its
> bibliography tooll, rough around the edges when compared with
> LyX (and well, latex)?

It doesn't use LaTeX as an final output formatting engine and has
to be msword-compatible.

Yes it mimicks typography somewhat, but the gross result is that
obtaining (almost) professionally-looking result from LyX
material is way easier.

Though the learning/looking curves differ very significantly both
in slope and shape, as well as different things being "virtually

In short, at least having a week's look at LyX is worth for any
student even if being word-alike user in the Real Job (tm).

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