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Re: [school-discuss] irc

Hello Everyone!

It would be great if this could be a regular thing. Maybe some kind of reminder to the list, like 2 weeks, 1week, the day before and the day of the chats would be helpful. Can this be automated. So much is happening in OpenSource today, I think these chats would be helpful. Would also be nice if someone did short updates after some OpenSource related events. I will not be able to make the Linux Conference this year, but it would be nice to know the interesting things that are happening daily. For fun as well as knowledge. I know someone would have to volunteer to do it. I would appreciate it. How does anyone else feel about it?


dbucknell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Let's do it. I'm at GMT +7 though. The site says we should meet on the 22nd of
each month at 4:30 and 16:30 UTC. That's past my bed time as I start school at
7:00 a.m. local time. Maybe an hour or two earlier or am I the only old fart on
the list?

David in Thailand

Quoting Christopher Chamber <christopher@xxxxxxxxxx>:

There's an IRC channel advertised at irc.freenode.net/#schoolforge.  I'm
generally on the server already at #debian, and there's a couple of
folks logged on but not a whole lot of traffic.

There's also a post at the main Schoolforge site indicating monthly
online IRC meetings, though these don't appear to have been updated for
quite some months.  Status?

Christopher Chamber