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Re: [school-discuss] Canadian Schools using Linux servers

glogan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a écrit :
I have been aslked by our technology committee to find Canadian Schools using Liunux
servers.  I would really appreciate if list members would eamil me dirctly giving a
list of networ applications they are serving from linux boxes.


If you read french, you can find hundreds of them and some examples of uses of Linux at http://linuxeduquebec.org for the use of Linux or free software (as in free speech) in Quebec.

Also, MILLE project (http://mille.ca) has lots of information on free
software project in school. You can find some technical info (still in
french) about middleware used in a school counsil of about 40000
students ~ 80 schools (http://mille.ca/mille/sousprojets/middleware.do)

Good luck !

Benoit St-André
Mon carnet web: http://benoitst-andre.net/blog/
Connaissez-vous Linuxédu-Québec ? http://linuxeduquebec.org

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