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[school-discuss] Tegrity: does it work now in GNU/Linux?

I asked this list or another list about Tegrity, a few months ago.  In
the ensuing explosive interest in Free Software for schools, has this
isse ever been resolved?  Is it now possible AT LEAST for students on
an Ubuntu box to access the presentations developed using a Tegrity

The last I knew, last summer, I learned that the instructor can decide
whether even Macs can be used to access the presentation, at the time
the presentation is being developed.  It's "one of the two".  I
resisted to learn that draconian package, but the "tegrity cart" does
some neat things.   Using a projected image on a white board and a
camera, one can walk up to the board and slap the buttons or links on
a displayed page, and interact that way.  I can hook up a microscope
and/or document camera.  The cost is very high, however.

Can anyone point the way?  Our school wants to install Ubuntu on some
PCs, for our distance learning lab, but this could be a sticking

Alan Davis
Kagman High School
Saipan, N. Mariana Islands