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Re: [school-discuss] FOSS survey

Hmm - A bit of work went into that. Thanks Alec. I guess the quality of the information is going to be dependent on the quality of the questions asked of participants. I am keen to use a survey that requires multiple choice, sliding scale, etc type responses. The questions that you have used a very good but require extended responses. The responses people made to your questions would provide information about what options to use for multiple choice questions and so on. I am not sure how to best glean that from your paper.

I have installed PHPSurveyor on my site and hope that this will cut it as the actual survey tool.


Alec Couros wrote:

A small group of us in South Australia are toying with the idea of establishing a FOSS in Education action group. One of our first activities will probably need to be some intelligence gathering about

   * what people know about FOSS
   * attitudes to FOSS in schools
   * what FOSS people are already using in school

These things should be able to guide us in our next steps.

I am keen to get hold of survey tools that people have already developed that may help us with some or all of this.


I've recently completed a dissertation that relates to some of your concerns. Although I didn't survey a wide audience specifically about what FOSS they were using, much of that came out in the analysis. You can find the document here:

Also, I do have access to a good online survey tool. I'd be happy to work with others in getting a short survey out to identify some of these items that you list.

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