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[school-discuss] FOSS survey

referring to a recent post I saw here by Peter Ruwoldt.

We did a survey on awareness, knowledge and understanding of FOSS in
the Pacific Island Countries. It can be accessed at 


Possibly the questionnaires in there could be used as starting points
in your South Australia context.

My suggestion is to _not_ conduct the survey online, but instead to
make it face-to-face with interviewers who are knowledgeable about
FOSS and to set aside ample time for each interview. From my
experience this is too good an opportunity to create awareness to be
missed. The interviewer will then ask the questions and at the end of
a section/topic share his knowledge/understanding with the

I am aware that it takes much more effort to conduct the survey this
way. I'd hope it wouldn't be difficult to find funding for such a



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