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[school-discuss] Open Source Lunchroom POS

If anyone is looking for a POS for their school's lunchroom, I have released a cafe management system under GPL.  If anyone is interested here are a few features and links below.  

* It will connect directly (no exporting data) to nearly any sis system including Powerschool, FocusSIS, Pentamation, or any other system that support JDBC/ODBC connections to the SIS DB.
* No need for a SIF server.
* Tracks transactions by student.
* Ability to use student credit.
* Ability to use Touch Screen monitors.
* Support for barcode scanners.
* Support for APG cash drawers.
* PHP Web-based Menu management & Parent Access Portal.
* Parent Portal translates on the fly to 4 different languages.
* Keeps free and reduced students anonymous.
* Allows Students to have one free or reduces breakfast and lunch per day.
* Transactional Database entries.
* Hotbar, a menu bar that tracks frequently used items per register, for fast access.
* Last student order
* Written in PHP and Java
*End of day reporting to count down the cash drawer per register.
* It's Free!

Homepage with demos and install instructions:

Sourceforge page:
Download at

Chuck Syperski