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[school-discuss] Open Source Compilations

It's that time of year again.  Our school district is having a Tech
Conference and I'm doing a talk on Free and Open Source Software.  I
like to give out some prizes during the talk and I typically prefer
for the prizes to be Open Source CD and/or DVD collections.  Am
looking for a good collection to give out.  In the past, I've added a
couple of collections I like to our Schoolforge software list.  They
are TTCS OSSWIN ( http://www.ttcsweb.org/osswin-cd/ ) and OpenDisc (
http://www.theopendisc.com/education/ ).  I've given both out at the
Tech Conference in the past.  In my search this year for a good disk
to share, I ran across the FreeSMUG suite (
http://www.freesmug.org/fscd ) for Mac users and Valo-CD (
http://www.valo-cd.net/programs ).  I've add these to our Compilations
and Collections category as well.  If anyone's tried any of these out
and can share what they think of them (either here or you can post a
review at the Schoolforge site), I'd love to hear some opinions on
them.  Also, if you know of any other useful Open Source collection
CDs and DVDs, please share some information on them.


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