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Re: [school-discuss] Open Source Compilations

Hi Laura and others,

Two books caught my eye recently.

Gabriella Coleman, an anthropologist at McGill University, did Coding Freedom, a new book, and it is Creative Commons with its license.

http://opendesignnow.org/ But, I can't seem to find a PDF version. It is on the web in Flash. 

Snip from the book:
Crowdsourcing is a way for occasional communities to work together: rhizomatic collaboration. Individuals voluntarily taking on the role of a pixel in an image; part of a string of DNA coding for a remotely set function that creates or sustains the whole. In a networked gift economy, everyone is a potential sleeper cell. Collaborative efforts like these find themselves in a growing culture of individuals contributing to a world with a stronger social commons, essentially related to the type of social agency brought about by open design.

In other news, in the near future, if the Kickstarter goes well, I would see you being able to give away LiveCode. See this and chip in today.


That would be THE new application, IMHO, that every tech teacher will want in the months to come. They might not know it yet, but, if enough pay if forward, they will. 


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